Study in Europe

Why Europe

Quality of education

Europe boasts some of the strongest education systems in the entire world. Universitas 21 ranks the top higher education systems in the world each year. In 2014, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom all made the top 10. Meanwhile Finland, the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland and Poland all feature in the top 10 overall education systems in the world according to Pearson.

Career Options

Many – if not all – large international businesses will have a European headquarters in addition to those whose roots are in Europe. This means you can find ample graduate opportunities, especially as businesses expand into new markets. Related to the point above, studying in Europe can really benefit you when you begin to search for that first career step.

Europe has history

Europe has far more history than some other continents like America which was only discovered in the 15th century. Therefore Europe’s further-reaching origins often appeal to individuals who don’t quite have the same sense of history back home. You'll be completely taken aback by the jaw-dropping architecture and remains of yesterday. Plus, if you're a history student, these adventures may inform your studies too.

Learn a New Language

What better time to learn a new language than when you’re young and able to fully immerse yourself in a city where it’s spoken all the time? Knowing more than one language can really add to your CV, opening up the opportunities where you can work (and thus live) in the future.


Europe has a reputation for having a rather relaxed way of life; words like ‘loose’, ‘bohemian’ or ‘liberal’ get thrown around quite a bit. This is true to a certain extent; while some preconceptions about Europeans may be true, experiencing European life firsthand is the best way to understand this for yourself. This doesn’t mean that individuals in these countries don’t know the meaning of hard work or that the higher education systems here are lacking (the opposite in fact).

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